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South Florida Mustangs

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It is with great sadness to announce that after a long battle with cancer, Steve passed away on February 8, 2015.  When I received a text from his wife Sharon at 7:00am that day, I hesitated to read it because I knew it was not going to be good.  In his final days, I spent hours talking to Steve and Sharon while hanging out at several different car shows together.  Steve had a passion, not only for sports cars but more specifically, the Mustang.  He also enjoyed racing his cars and participated in as many different Mustang events as he could, to include the ever so popular "Mustang Challenge".  Not long ago, Steve wrote a "How To" thread on the proper installation of Koni Yellow Shocks and Struts, which he performed on his 2014 Boss (car is shown below).  A link to the thread, which has been re-created with a little help from his family, has been posted here: 

From my own standpoint, Steve was one of the very first Mustang owners in the community that I made friends with, and although I had not known him for more than an hour or to at the time, he never hesitated to treat me like he's known me for years. By the end of the day, I was now just like part of the family.  Because I understood the gravity of his situation, I took time to take as many pictures as I could while they were at the Steeda Stampede in 2014.  So in an effort to properly honor and show respect for all Steve has selflessly contributed to the Mustang community over the years, I put together a post that would allow everyone to see and appreciate him as he was most happiest in his life, doing what he loved to do.  Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you...  

Steve and family!!!


While Steve was being ground guided in to his parking spot, his family really enjoyed the personal experience.


When participating in car shows, Steve always liked to arrive early in order to get a good spot.  Personally I think he just wanted to blend in with the scenery this time round.


Steve is shown here hard at work cleaning and prepping his beautiful 5.0 Boss Mustang while his wife Sharon supervises and his son inspects.  On any given day, the dirtiest his car has ever been is still far cleaner than my car has ever been! 


As the other Mustang family members are arriving, Steve is about finished with polishing and now it's time to set up camp.  Hence, the importance of getting in early for a good spot!!


Relaxing and enjoying the day with some good quality family time while Steve is working on his half baked suntan!  Because some of his family lives out of state, this is one of those rare moments when his family was all there together spending the day with him. 


Rest in Peace and take good care Steve, we're all going to miss you.....

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At the time I took these two pictures, I had not actually met Steve yet.  I was just running around snapping off photos as quickly as I could of the scenes that interested me the most.  Unfortunately they came out blurry but also just clear enough to at least extract the pertinent information, which allows us to see the really important things in life. 

You see...  Most of us don't think about it too often but sometimes death hits suddenly and unexpectedly.  And when it does, it leaves many broken hearts and lots of unanswered questions.  You could spend the rest of your life asking the question... "Why?" Only to be left with the sound of wind blowing past you.   In this case, however, it's different.  By the time I actually met Steve, the realization of what was coming his way soon had already set in.  Yes, he knew time was short and the clock was ticking.

Now looking back at these pictures really becomes fascinating.  (Note how the Drag Radials are on the car in this photo.)  It's just what Steve loved to do.  In the first picture, you can also see his wife Sharon (in the pink tank top) out in front of the car and enjoying being out at the "Mustangs Take over Towers" show with her husband.  So...  Here is a guy out having a good time with everyone else, showing off his car and just shooting the breeze with anyone that comes along and shows interest in his hobby, and all while wearing a Patriot Run T-Shirt.  Who knew???




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You did not need to "Meet" Steve to see his passion.  Even through his toughest days he still found time to come out and hang as long as he could.  Sad loss for sure.  
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