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WAR CAR #004

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In the news....
If any of you guys were paying any remote kind of attention to the social media threads this past week, then you noticed that Tick Performance had a little bit of a shake up.

For those of you who weren't watching and/or don't know what kind of company Tick Performance (Tick) is, they custom build, tune and maintain extreme engines and race cars.  Tick is a popular company among the areas of racing and usually the demand for their work is so high that it's hard to get a slot to have work performed on your car. However, as with any company, it's only as good as the people who run it and there was a disagreement between one specific employee, Martin, and the owner of Tick.

A World Class Performer
Martin for the most part was one of the lead sales team members and mainly worked the front desk and phones, but Martin also had a special skill (or "gift") in custom camshaft designing for race cars.  Because of the skills that Martin brought to Tick, his co-workers (the technical team who actually got in there and did the labor work on the cars) were blessed with being provided the opportunity to show the world how much of a world class build team they really were in their industry.

Things Starting to go Wrong (a chink in the armor)
Once Martin left Tick the owner noticed some drop in sales.  The owner started to investigate through other media and later found what he believed was the answer to the problem, some of Tick's customers may have been led to believe that Martin the heart and soul of the company.

From Bad to Worse
What seems done out of frustration, the owner decided to also take to social media in order to protect his company and set the record straight (as viewed from his angle), and diligently explained the history of Tick, how him and his father built up the company from literally nothing and took little to no pay for the first 3 to 5 years in operation.  The interesting part was when the owner started commending Martin's camshaft designing abilities to the point that he believes if Martin should ever open a cam building company, he would actually buy a cam from Martin.  But then literally bashed Martin in all other aspects down to the point that while at Tick, the only actual wrench bending work that Martin performed was painting the roll cage on his race car and a few very minor tunes.  In addition, based on facts in the owner's mind, it was made publicly known that Martin had never installed one camshaft, and never seriously tuned a race car while employed at Tick. (This is something a former employer should never do.) 

Backlash Ensued
The post made by the owner of Tick spread like wildfire and people everywhere started posting responses.  It started with the inner ring and worked it's way through like a cancerous disease.  The employees begin adding in their thoughts on the situation, then Tick's customers (big and small) read about it and started responding with backlash against the company.  Hundreds of people from all over started posting remarks of negativity against the company for bashing a former employee.  (Even Shawna took a swing!)  Finally, the owner of Tick pulled the plug and deleted the thread.

Damage Report
The owner apologized for attempting to set the record straight and replaced the message with a more politically neutral and correct statement.  However, far more severe damage was done to Tick's reputation and business than what would have been lost if the owner had just let it go.  All to many times I have seen outstanding mechanics, the very best in the business, hurt their reputation simply because they don't have the social skills to professionally interact with people in the public setting.  Some professional athlete's can also sometimes be an obvious example. 

Lesson Learned
The lesson learned here is that even if Martin could not do the actual mechanical work on the cars, he still had the knowledge, skills and ability to run a world class company, and did.  And that my friends....  Is a CEO.   I think the owner learned from it and Tick is still an outstanding company that will eventually recover and move on.  Although they are looking for another good cam designer, if you've ever wanted to book a time slot with Tick Performance but couldn't, now is the time!!!

Best Wishes
I wish good luck to Jonathan and Martin, as hard work always meets up with more opportunity.  Although you both have your differences, your also what makes racing in America great!!!!  For that?  I thank you!

Ghost 5oh

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They were hit with frontline flea and tick formula.
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